April Fools’ Days tricks For Techies

Most people are, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. If you want to see what’s viral to get ideas, get on YouTube or any other video popular blog site and see what the most watched videos are. making money from a blog mean the ones with 5 million views. Get a pen and paper and start jotting down ideas!

As mentioned earlier, teenagers love playing pranks. Why not give them the Ultimate Prankster Bible? top 5 blog sites comes with step-by step instructions on how to pull off 100 classic pranks on friends and family. This is a must have gift for teenagers on best website blog.

The male singing voice was deep, weary, and depressed. The song was a revised version of “Friday” by Rebecca Black, a recent YouTube viral news that, though dreadfully annoying, is far from morbid.

famous blog sites Ever watch someone when chills run up their spine? Take a black cookie, such as an Oreo, and crunch it up into small pieces. Make sure that you scrape off the insides first and either eat or dispose of. After you have black crunched up cookie, rinse out a glass or a plate. Take the cookie crumbs and lightly go around the edges as if the dish washer did not clean them well then put them back into the cabinet. When someone comes in say “I could use a drink (or snack).” Grab the “dirty” glass or plate. Watch how do blogs make money when they look at you like you are nuts. After a minute ask them if they want a sip or a bite and there you go, goose bumps from the yucky. Tell british fashion bloggers what it is when the joke is over with or this person may have a different opinion of you in the future.

April Fools Day prank #5: Hidden alarm clocks. Get a bunch of small, inexpensive, battery-operated alarm clocks. Make sure how to make blog have at least four. Set them to go off in five-minute intervals, then stash them around the cubicle of the subject. By the time the third one goes off, they will be searching for them, so you might want to move the interval up to ten minutes on the fourth one. Hide in drop ceilings, desk drawers, under the desk, in cubicle walls, and even in the joints of the office chair.

Many stores that sell lottery tickets also sell fake scratch-off tickets. the best blog sites -off tickets look very realistic. When the April Fools Day victim scratches off the ticket coating, they are led to believe they’ve won a large sum of money. It looks like they’ve really won – until they read the back of the ticket. You’d better have on your jogging shoes, because when your friend finds out it’s an best fashion bloggers to follow, you will need to run!

blogger templates good fashion blogs One of the funnest, also can have consequences, is the old’ pregnancy test scare. Have a pregnant friend take a test and with it turning positive leave it either in the trash so someone will see it or leave it some where in the bathroom. Have top 10 business blogs who ever think that you are pregnant through the day and then let them know later that day it was just a joke. This is funniest played on sisters or brothers in the hopes that they will not call your Grandma and let her know.

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